Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Hot interracial wife story.

My first wife liked black men because of the taboo factor. She liked the idea of doing something that would shock her friends and family.
One night her parents were staying with us. Their bedroom shared a wall with ours.

We’d had a party that night. Her parents retired early, but we kept going for awhile. At the end of the evening it was only my wife, one of her (white) lovers, and me. We invited him to stay, but he decided to head home to his wife. I think he was scared because he knew my in-laws were there.
Even though the two of them didn’t have sex that night, she and I had great sex. Both of us were really turned on by the thought that she and her lover could have had sex in our bed with her parents literally a few feet away. When I mentioned that the two of them would have had to be quiet, her response was “no way”. She wanted her BF to really pound her, make the bed shake and rattle, and have both of them cum as loud as possible.
The same general feeling goes with her fantasy for black men. Some time later we were at a hot tub party with a large group of lifestyle people. Playing some adult party games, she wound up choosing sides with one of the black men. When her turn came her “task” was to pick a man and suck or lick him anywhere below the waist for 2 minutes. All the other players, probably 10 or so, watched and waited for their turns.
For her the thrill was two-fold. She’d fantasized about this guy for a long time. We’d talk about it during sex, and she had wondered for a couple of years about sex with him. When her turn came up she asked “who do I pick?” (We were still relatively new to the lifestyle at that point, and I think she wanted me to help her pick so that her choice was validated as “okay”.)
Without hesitation, I recommended that she pick our black friend, and she did.
After having fantasized about him for so long, she loved having his cock in her mouth. He was soft when she started and she enjoyed feeling him get hard in her mouth. But she also felt an intense thrill from having a bunch of people watch her. Having a large group of friends and “almost strangers” watch her give a black man a blow job was really exciting. Granted, all the spectators were were playing the game too, so it wasn’t like sucking a black cock in front of the Southern Baptist Convention (hey…maybe we can add that to the list).
For me, I got the thrill of watching her suck a nice black cock. This was the first time she ever did. While that was great, there are some memories that stand out for me. First, she was holding his cock with her left hand, and I remember looking at her wedding ring on the hand that was wrapped around it.
Second, I remember her doing something to him that she often did to me. She used to stop sucking for a moment and stick the tip of her tongue into the eye of my cock. Then take the whole thing back in her mouth. The combination felt wonderful. She did this to him, and I thought about how she was making his cock feel something that she had made me feel so many times. It was sweet anguish having her share this with him. It was sweet anguish knowing exactly what my wife’s mouth felt like on his dick at that moment.
Next, I remember watching his dick grow hard in her mouth. He was completely soft in the beginning and she had to support his cock with her (left :) hand. By the time she finished, his cock stood on its own, and she rested her hands on his thighs.
Watching him lean back, close his eyes and sigh was tremendous. Thinking about this black man showing enjoyment from a blow job from my wife gets me excited still. The look on his face is unforgettable.
I also had the excitement of the humiliation of having all those people watch my white wife suck a black man with me standing nearby.
Finally, I’ll never forget her walking up to me afterwards, in front of all those people, and giving me a long, deep, tongue kiss.
Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

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May 28, 2010

damn the gurls look so sexy in the pics i hope i could fuck some of them tonight

April 14, 2013

nice sex

February 6, 2016
White Man

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